Detroit 2.0

One of the loveliest compliments I receive is when multiple members of the same family order a korovai from me. In this case, it was five years apart, and both korovayi were destined for weddings in Detroit, MI. The mother of the groom wanted something quite elaborate and ornate, but not too big. We came... Continue Reading →

Korovai and Wedding Favours

After a winter hiatus, I am back with some fresh ideas! I have a few completed projects tucked away in folders that have been waiting to get published. So I'm moving the needle today with a short post. Better a bit of something than a whole lot of nothing, am I right? The korovai and... Continue Reading →

White Florals

This was one of those "when it rains, it pours" moments. The bride had requested a wonderful two-tier traditional korovai with doves, braids, periwinkle and wheat stemming from the top. We added a pair of doves symbolizing the happy couple just over the wheat bunch. She also mentioned that she wanted white flowers incorporated in... Continue Reading →

Kathy’s Korovai

The excitement to share this with you has been slowly building up the last few weeks. Remember when I gingerly agreed to make a 3-tier korovai with baked-on decorations for the very first time? Well, I made it. And 3,410 kilometres later, it arrived to its destination (almost) intact. This post was originally named "Sleepless... Continue Reading →

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