Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all my readers celebrating Easter this weekend! Our family celebrates Easter according to the Julian calendar - so we still have the entire month to go this year - but I decided to bake my first batch of paska today. Paska - паска in Ukrainian - is a traditional round Easter bread,... Continue Reading →

Dove Nests

In honour of Valentine's Day, let me share with you these tiny love birds sitting in braided nests. The groom-to-be recently discovered he is half Ukrainian, and the bride thoughtfully wished to reflect his Ukrainian heritage in their wedding favours. These small 2"-3" favours were made well in advance of a summer wedding. While this... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Korovai

The new year has barely rolled in, and I am already warming up for the wedding season ahead. Amidst the 12-dish prepping for Svyat Vechir (Ukrainian Christmas Eve), virtual carol-singing and Malanka celebrations, making extra varenyky for Shchedryj Vechir (the eve of Theophany) - with my twins' birthday celebration thrown in for good measure -... Continue Reading →

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