Kathy’s Korovai

The excitement to share this with you has been slowly building up the last few weeks. Remember when I gingerly agreed to make a 3-tier korovai with baked-on decorations for the very first time? Well, I made it. And 3,410 kilometres later, it arrived to its destination (almost) intact. This post was originally named "Sleepless... Continue Reading →


Korovai Workshop in Retrospect

Thank you so much to all who attended my korovai workshop at the Capital Ukrainian Festival in Ottawa! Despite the chaos of being a first-time workshop presenter, coupled with swarming festival crowds and a scorching July day for which a heat warning was issued, it turned out to be a successful event. I was happy... Continue Reading →

Trial Run

When I hung up the phone with Kathy, all I could think of was, "What did I get myself into?" I had just accepted to make a three-tier korovai with baked-on decorations - something I had never tried before. Here's the inspiration picture... no biggie: The inspiration photo for the korovai I agreed to make... Continue Reading →

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