So Much More Than a Korovai

This small korovai with purple flowers meant a lot more to Robyn than just one of several Ukrainian rituals performed at a wedding. Her comments tugged at my heartstrings in more than one way, and sparked a conversation about our mutual love for our Ukrainian heritage, as well as a deeper personal reflection.

Robyn wrote, “My grandparents passed away a few years ago. It’s been very emotional planning this wedding and missing them. My grandmother always spoke about her own wedding korovai, so having this beautiful piece at my wedding has a very special meaning for me. I am forever grateful to you for helping to create something for my wedding that connects me to my Ukrainian heritage. I showed my mother the photos and she was just as amazed as I was (and we had a little cry too). It’s so much more than a korovai for me.

Her words validate entirely what I do. It warms my heart to hear how the korovai connects her to our Ukrainian heritage, which is so rich and exquisite despite having been steeped in hardships throughout the years. Our grandparents and ancestors have lived arduous lives and surmounted terrible obstacles to give us a better life, like the one I live in Canada today. Robyn’s story inspires me to continue honing my craft and furthering our traditions. After all, it’s the least I can do to honour my ancestors and my heritage.

Overhead view of a 10-inch single tier korovai with purple flowers, wheat, doves, periwinkle and braid.

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