Korovai Workshop in Retrospect

Thank you so much to all who attended my korovai workshop at the Capital Ukrainian Festival in Ottawa! Despite the chaos of being a first-time workshop presenter, coupled with swarming festival crowds and a scorching July day for which a heat warning was issued, it turned out to be a successful event. I was happy to see a diverse audience: both young and old, women and men, as well as engaged couples about to get married. How refreshing to see a varied demographic interested in this ancient tradition!

While preparing for the workshop, I really enjoyed researching the topic of the wedding korovai origins. The information I gathered is absolutely fascinating! I marvel at the level of sophistication and artistry our ancestors possessed in pre-literate times, and how it was passed on through many generations to survive to this day.

Following a brief presentation, it was demo time. I prepared the dough in advance and demonstrated a simple braided korovai design. I may modify the workshop next time and include everyone in the making of a small-scale korovai. Wouldn’t it be fun to take home your own little korovai?

During the last part of the workshop, we made a few different types of korovai decorations, such as doves with folded and open wings, pine cones and “Tree of Life” branches. Each participant could take their decorations home and bake/dry them out as a memento. I was really impressed by some very dexterous and talented individuals.

Needless to say, I really enjoyed connecting with the participants and bystanders, including other korovai artisans. There are not many of us, and I always welcome new tips, techniques and tricks of the trade.

Thank you for your participation and lovely feedback! Feel free to reach me by messaging me on my contact page. Until next time!

Luda Lussier prepares the korovai dough at the Korovai Workshop
Luda Lussier prepares the korovai dough at the Korovai Workshop

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