Kathy’s Korovai

The excitement to share this with you has been slowly building up the last few weeks. Remember when I gingerly agreed to make a 3-tier korovai with baked-on decorations for the very first time? Well, I made it. And 3,410 kilometres later, it arrived to its destination (almost) intact.

This post was originally named “Sleepless Nights”, because that was the most accurately descriptive title I could think of. A sleepless night here, biting my nails just thinking about the mold that developed between the top and middle tier. Starting over. A sleepless night there, scrambling to make extra decorations. So. Many. Decorations. A few bouts of insomnia thinking, “How the heck am I going to ship this behemoth so that it arrives in one piece?!” It didn’t. Nothing major or unfixable, but it wasn’t exactly the magical unboxing moment that I had envisioned for Kathy.

But the original title conjured up a negative image, and that’s definitely not what I was going for. On the contrary, making this korovai released some serious endorphins! Sure, there were setbacks and it didn’t all go according to plan. In the end, the korovai came out just the way I had imagined it, and most importantly, Kathy absolutely loved it! Her favourite photo was the overhead shot:

Overhead shot of elaborate 3 tier korovai with baked-on decorations

I also snapped photos turning the korovai 90 degrees each time to capture the details all around… at a quick glance, it all looks the same!

As I was making this korovai, I decided it would be a fun idea to film the decorating process and put together a time-lapse video to capture how much work is involved. I was also getting ready for my first workshop, so I thought participants might find it interesting to see how a korovai of this kind is made. The video came out a little over 11 minutes, which was perfect for the workshop, but a little too lengthy for a blog. Once I tweak it, I will feature it in a dedicated post – check back soon!

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