Doves and Delicate Roses

As the 2019 wedding season is slowly winding down, I have now more time to share with you some goodies I have been working on this summer. Well… maybe I’m setting some unrealistic expectations here, as we are moving in 2 weeks! Eeeee! A new kitchen where the magic will happen! I can hardly contain my excitement!! For your benefit, I will try to limit my use of exclamation marks. Better get some content out here before I get bogged down again by, uh, life.

This summer, I got to create a korovai which was essentially a carte blanche project. Obviously, my fave. For guidelines, the mother of the groom sent me two pictures: the first was captioned “not enough decorations” and the second one was labeled “too elaborate”. For this single-tier korovai, I came up with the following design:

Single tier korovai with circle of doves, roses, wheat stalks and flowers (side view)

I whimsically scattered flowers, pine cones and s-swirls to break up the symmetry.

Some technical difficulties came up, of course. This korovai was meant to be eaten, and all the decorations were going to be removed. How do you make the wheat stalks “cascade” over the bread if you don’t bake it again to dry everything out? I couldn’t put the decorated korovai back in the oven at the risk of drying out the bread. So for this first attempt, I left the wheat stalks as they were and only baked the remaining decorations, which were carefully fastened with toothpicks. Thankfully the korovai was picked up and handled personally by the mother of the groom. She was over the moon!

Note to self: I need to figure out a foolproof way to make this type of korovai when it’s meant to be eaten… any ideas?

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