White Florals

This was one of those “when it rains, it pours” moments. The bride had requested a wonderful two-tier traditional korovai with doves, braids, periwinkle and wheat stemming from the top. We added a pair of doves symbolizing the happy couple just over the wheat bunch. She also mentioned that she wanted white flowers incorporated in the design. Gorgeous and classic. I was quite inspired for the photos – I wanted this korovai to be styled all in white… think tiny baby’s breath gathered at the base, white spray roses in the background, a white cloth… I had this clean, classic, luxe mood board in my head.

Now juxtapose this Pinterest-worthy vision against reality: three screaming toddlers, a threatening August thunderstorm storm brewing in the skies and a very real FedEx cutoff deadline to meet at the airport in the middle of rush hour. No baby’s breath, no ironed white cloth, no decent natural lighting.

So there you go. Since all my photos are starting to look the same, I took out this korovai to my front porch and hastily snapped a few pics against my flowering pot and brick wall. Not what I had originally envisioned, mind you, but at least I got to share it with the bride before it left my hands. And here with you, of course.

Traditional two-tier korovai with wheat, doves, a braid, periwinkle and a scattering of white flowers.

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